Since 2008, Foundation CEED has implemented over 20 projects with various size in duration (from several months, to 6 years-long projects) and value (from 50.000 to 5.000.000 EUR), on different locations (nationally, bilaterally, or involving multiple countries), with partners, or as a sole implementer.

CEED has incorporated its experience in delivering of innovative training programs and tailor-made business support services in the design of various project activities, generally aimed at supporting entrepreneurship, start-ups, social enterprises, and SMEs’ development in North Macedonia (and in the region), stimulating self-employment and development of employability and entrepreneurial mindset and skills among youth, women, and other groups.

Through these projects, CEED has put a lot of effort on supporting the development of social entrepreneurship, facilitating startups’ growth, and building 21st century skills and entrepreneurial mindset in young people, helping them become contributing adults.