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USAID Industrial Management Project




January 2013 – January 2016


29.000 USD

Implementing Partners

TIMELPROEKT DOOEL (lead partner), Point Pro Consulting (partner), Foundation CEED Macedonia (partner)


North Macedonia




In January 2013 CEED Macedonia joined a consortium led by the local company Timel Proekt dooel Skopje, in partnership with Point Pro Consulting Skopje to implement the USAID Industrial Management Project (IMP) in North Macedonia.

The main objective of this 3-year project was introduction of the principles of energy management to selected Macedonian industries and companies. Main goal was to improve country’s competitiveness and energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions via increased clean energy investments, primarily through the introduction of a systematic energy management approach in the industrial sector.

The reduction of energy use, combined with fuel switching to local and less expensive alternatives (relative to electric heating) improves business and individual capital liquidity, while also reducing dependence on foreign fuel and energy imports and limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, the extra capital and reduced fuel price risk improved the competitive position of local businesses and therefore encouraged further investment.