For Investors

Since 2015, CEED Business Angels Club operates as a part of CEED Macedoniа. So far, more than 40 members have provided their support to startups as a financial investment, but also as an advice, mentorship, partnering, providing networks, sales channels, and other resources to ambitious young
CEED Business Angels Club is intended for individuals who are willing to financially support innovative startups, but as well as to support great ideas put into practise while providing part of their time to talk to young prosperous minds. So far, CEED Business Angels have invested more than 320.000 euros in 7 start – ups.



CEED BA Club is a central point where most prosperous startups pitch, presenting their ideas to
potential investors. There are two regular events throughout the year, and ad-hoc pitching events whenever possible. CEED BA Club members decide individually on when, how much or why to invest in a startup. The club is here to support them to make the best decision possible.



Since 2019, CEED Business Angels Club is an exclusive member of the European Business Angels
Network (EBAN) with headquarters in Brussels. Our members have an
exclusive opportunity to participate on different international events organised by EBAN and to
establish contacts with private investors from all over the world.


Capacity building

Also, members of the club regularly undergo trainings and learning events by most prominent
international Business angel experts and have access to different resources for their personal



Besides the business angles, CEED Hub collaborates with various financial institutions in order to secure finance for startups whenever needed. Mainly, we collaborate with VC funds such as SEAF, South Central Ventures etc., with microfinance institutions, but also with traditional banks. Using several methods for due diligence, we carefully examine the stage of development of startups in order to provide support from the most appropriate source.



CEED BA Club is regularly collaborating with other institutions in order to provide most quality of the peers and startups invited to pitch and is participating in many pitching events, gatherings, learning events and other occasions, organized by partners and collaborators.


Investment facilitation and post-investment support

CEED BA Club facilitates the negotiations between business angels and the startups in the way most appropriate in order to bring more fruitful partnership and business success. Also, it is handling the activities between business angels and investees in the post-investment phase such as reporting, assessment, regular meetings and every other obligation as per contract.

If you want to inform yourself or how to become a business angel, please contact CEED Hub team here.