For Youth

Building youth skills and empowering young people to make sustainable economic and civic contributions is one of our main priorities. We support young entrepreneurs to develop business skills, refine their business ideas, and take ideas to market. But also, we are helping them in the development of so-called transferable skills, that could be transferred and applied in any life situations and at various job positions. So far, more than 500 youth aged 15-29, have completed our programs and gained relevant skills and competencies.

There are 3 main areas of skill’s development in youth that we focus on in our work:



CEED has designed and developed specific entrepreneurship programs for youth interested to develop their entrepreneurship skills and become entrepreneurs. The programs include modules like: Development of Entrepreneurship Skills, Design of Business Ideas, Development of Business ideas into Sustainable Business Model, Financial Projections as well as mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs.
The methodology includes using of Design Thinking Approach as one of the best youth- centered approaches.


Career Counseling

Career Counseling program is designed to equip youth with relevant career planning skills and competencies. It includes individual and group work with professionals experienced in providing career counseling services to youth and unemployed people. The program includes the following modules: Self-knowledge/self-assessment; Exploration of career opportunities; Setting of objectives; Job searching technics; Development of Individual Career Plan.


Employability skills

Employability skills program is designed to develop 21 st century skills in youth and help them become more competitive on the labor market. It includes modules for Personal Development; Appropriate Workplace Behavior; Communication Skills, Teamwork, Leaderships Skills, Financial Skills. The program also provide opportunity for work-based learning experience in selected companies.

If you are interested in enrolling to such program or you want more information, please contact CEED Hub team here.