For Social Enterprises

CEED has been working with social enterprises and social entrepreneurship development for many years now and has participated in the development of the “National strategy for development of social entrepreneurship in North Macedonia”. Much more than on a policy level, CEED focuses on direct support to social enterprises, helping grow the existing ones and creating new social enterprises in the country, developing social entrepreneurs as managers, as well as on strengthening the cooperation between the social and traditional business sectors.

For this group, CEED is providing the following services and forms of support:


Pre-acceleration and acceleration programs for social enterprises

Helping them develop a viable business model, incorporate strong social component in their models, as well as achieve significant social impact.


Training and mentoring services

For existing social enterprises, as well as for non-profit organizations and teams that want to establish a social business.


Access to finance services

For social enterprises – supporting their way to investments and other sources of funding for their growth.


Investment readiness program

For social enterprises – supporting their growth and readiness to approach investors and accept investments support the investment process as well as the post-investment support.


Facilitating business linkages

For social enterprises – connecting them with potential investors, partners and/or clients.

If you are interested in enrolling to such program or you want more information, please contact CEED Hub team here.