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Reviving Crafts and Building Culture for Joint Tourism Development


European Union within IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Kosovo – North Macedonia


July 2022 – July 2024


638.177 EUR

Implementing Partners

Municipality of Prizren (Lead partner), Municipality of Tetovo (partner), Foundation CEED Macedonia (partner), CEED Kosovo (affiliated entity


North Macedonia and Kosovo




“Reviving Crafts and Building Culture for Joint Touristic Development” is an EU funded cross-border project that is being implemented by a consortium comprising of the Municipality of Prizren – Republic of Kosovo, Municipality of Tetovo – Republic of North Macedonia, CEED Macedonia and CEED Kosovo. The project is supported through the IPA Program for cross-border cooperation between Kosovo and North Macedonia.

The purpose of the project is to accelerate tourism development in Polog and South Economic Regions through improving the quality and diversifying the offer of crafts and micro tourism and hospitality sector (THS) businesses, resulting in increased attractiveness of the region, and more satisfied visitors.

The Project aims to:

  • Create and launch new touristic content and new opportunities for better presentation of local and traditional crafts products, through infrastructural interventions in Tetovo and Prizren municipalities.
  • Raise capacities of local craftsmen/craftswomen in both regions for overall better management and development of their micro businesses i.e., improved branding and marketing (including digital) and increased sales (including online)
  • Strengthen cross-border cooperation through organizing joint crafts events, boosting regions’ promotion, inciting cross-border exchange of knowledge between crafts organizations, and stimulate cross-border visitors’ circulation.
  • Develop new touristic offer through inciting cooperation among the local crafts and tour operators.

Project’s Direct Beneficiaries include:

  • Local craftsmen/craftswomen
  • Local businesses from Tourism and Hospitality Sector (THS) and individual tour operators
  • THS and Crafts associations and chambers etc.