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Youth Actively Create Opportunities




April 2023 – January 2028


458.000 USD

Implementing Partners



North Macedonia




Project Summary:

The purpose of the USAID Youth Actively Create Opportunities (YACO) Activity is to increase positive youth contributions to society and collective youth leadership across North Macedonia. The Activity prioritizes three broad areas of intervention:

Component 1: Create partnerships to support the development of economic opportunities that are attractive to youth.

Component 2: Strengthen youth competencies for jobs, progressive careers and active civic participation.

Component 3: Promote values that underpin self-reliance, such as responsibility, independence, lawfulness, strong ethics, civic engagement and striving for accomplishment.

CEED Hub’s role is to significantly contribute to technical interventions under Components 1 and 2 above. Specific activities include:

  • Support green jobs and businesses through conducting targeted outreach to youth of all age cohorts.
  • Strengthen youth social entrepreneurship through business management/capacity building trainings, mentorship, and the formation of linkages with international and local organizations.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurship skills development through connecting entrepreneurs with sustainable skills building programs.
  • Leverage connections with CEED Hub’s business club’s members to be youth trainers and mentors.
  • Connect young entrepreneurs with skill-building programs through businesses and training providers.
  • Conduct outreach targeted on options for entrepreneurship and publicize YACO grants opportunities and success stories.