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Business Support and Learning for Growth Project


European Union


December 2010 – December 2012


341.763 EUR

Implementing Partners

CEED Macedonia, Lead Implementer, CEED Kosovo, Subcontractor, IDI Kosovo, Subcontractor






Description of the project (incl. objectives, project components, beneficiaries, etc.):

The main goal of this project was to accelerate economic growth by up skilling young entrepreneurs, students and unemployed, in order to create new jobs.  The Project had three components: Cisco Entrepreneurs Institute “Starting a Business,” trainings, Young Entrepreneurs Class training program and Business Support Services.

  1. Cisco Entrepreneurs Institute “Starting a Business” was licensed by the internationally recognized Cisco Entrepreneurs Institute which includes trainings on: evaluating business potential, developing business plans, accounting, marketing, business communication, how to finance your business and more.
  2. Young Entrepreneurs Class (YEC): 72 established businesses went through practical trainings which included the topics of: leadership and HR, Finance for Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Promotion and Market Analysis, Sales and Negotiations, Networking and more.
  3. Business Support Services included Virtual Assistance for YEC and Incubation Services for Cisco EI Entrepreneur Institute participants. The virtual assistance supports all companies/entrepreneurs/managers to access at local/regional market; provide consultant services for different companies and sectors; office space; equipment; administrative support. Incubation Service supports startups through offering them administrative and consultative assistance at our CEED Kosovo office in Prishtina in order for them not to have a high initial cost for the first 3-6 months in the beginning of their business.

Description of the delivered services by CEED:

CEED Macedonia as lead implementer was responsible for overall coordination and management of project activities including:

  • Design and implementation of Practical Business and Entrepreneurial Learning Programs (Young Entrepreneurs Class)
  • Design and implementation of Incubation and Business Support Services for Local and Regional Growth
  • Design of Grants scheme, selection of Grants for starting a business and for SMEs and monitoring of implementation of received grants.
  • Financial and administrative reporting
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

Project results and impact achieved:

  • 2 Successful Generations of Young Entrepreneurs Class YEC with 74 participants have finished their trainings and become able to grow their Business.
  • 16 groups of Cisco Entrepreneur Institute Starting a Business Courses realized and 253 young people went through this business course.
  • Some form of Consultancy services provided to all participants.
  • Awarded total of 78 grants (36 to YEC candidates, 42 to Starting a Business Course participants)
  • Jobs created: 78 full time, and 25 seasonal.