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21st century entrepreneurship - A Career Counselling Conceptual Model for increasing of ICT entrepreneurship skills of VET secondary schools’ students


European Union (Erasmus + Program)


November 2019 – November 2022


139.498 EUR

Implementing Partners

LAG Kocani (Lead partner), Goso Vikentiev p.o. secondary school – Kocani, ESPERINO EPAL THIRAS high school Santorini, Technical High School Daruvar Croatia, Lucera d.o.o. – Ludbreg Croatia and Foundation CEED Macedonia


North Macedonia, Greece and Croatia




Project Summary:

The main purpose of this project was to develop a Conceptual Model that can be adaptable for use in any VET orientated secondary school, in all three covered countries: North Macedonia, Croatia and Greece.

Main project objectives included:

  • Creating strategic partnership for transnational cooperation among different socio-economic organizations (education institutions, civil sector and ICT SMEs);
  • Increasing skills and competences level of the teaching staff in the covered VET secondary schools in order to be able to perform a complete mentoring process in supporting the students in the VET secondary schools to identify their potential and determine future vocation (career counseling).
  • Developing of students’ entrepreneurship skills for starting up of own tech business.

The specific objectives of the project were:

  1. To create multidisciplinary Career Counseling Conceptual Model consisted of:
  • Career Guidance and Counseling module with included Career Test software.
  • Process of development of a Business ideas and Basic Business Models including the best “pitching Investors” approach.
  • Career Exploration program with Real Work -Based experience for students in ICT company dealing with Augmented reality as well as Virtual reality as “state of the art” software solutions.
  1. To create Strategic action plan for transnational cooperation in the field of educational development with new career counseling conceptual model.
  1. To improve students’ teamwork skills.
  2. To share the best practice by eTwinning module.

As a result:

  • Capacities of 32 participants from partners’ organizations were raised on career counseling and business modeling.
  • 30 teachers and 87 students from Secondary schools in three countries participated in trainings and business models’ development.
  • Around 120 relevant local stakeholders took part in the 3 national multiplier events.