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Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project


US Embassy


October 2020 – June 2021


24.887 USD

Implementing Partners

Foundation CEED Hub Skopje – Sole implementer


North Macedonia




Project Summary:

The overall goal of the project was to minimize the influence of Covid-19 on the women-led businesses in North Macedonia, and to create a favorable environment for continuous support of women entrepreneurs in accordance with the new circumstances imposed my covid-19 pandemics. Namely, during the covid-19 crises, CEED recognized entrepreneurs’ challenges that hit the hardest women entrepreneurs, thus designed an action to support this group in conducting their businesses in the time of crises. Within this project, CEED HUB designed and developed a platform for on-line delivery of CEED HUB services, intended to provide customized capacity building programs to women entrepreneurs with an approach adjusted to the new circumstances i.e. the challenges that emerged from the covid-19 crises. Also, this project focused on creating a strong women-entrepreneurs’ community through establishing the CEED Women Entrepreneurs’ Club.


  • The existing curricula for entrepreneurial training was adapted to online presentation and interaction
  • A platform for delivery of online services was cerated
  • Capacity building programs specialized to address the challenges imposed to women led businesses by the Covid-19 crisis were designed and delivered
  • CEED Women Entrepreneurs’ Club was establsihed (with 118 members)
  • The total of 26 women, members of the CEED Club for Women Entrepreneurs and Managers, used the opportunity to identify needed mentors and to work with them on the development of their business or their managerial skills.
  • More than 50 hours of mentorship was delivered with this project.
  • 13 events organized and delivered (info sessions, networking events, meetings, workshops)
  • Enhanced regional collaboration through Women in Adria platform