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Introduction of a GREEN FAB LAB educational concept in secondary schools


European Union – Erasmus + KA2


November 2023 – October 2025


120.000 EUR

Implementing Partners

  • Association for support of economic development-Local action group – LAG Kochani
  • SUGS Gjorgji Dimitrov – Skopje
  • 1st Geniko Lykeio Amaliadas – Amaliada, Greece
  • Action for the civil society – Keratsini, Greece
  • Liceum Ogolnoksztalcaceim Romka Strzalkowskiego – Poznan, Poland


North Macedonia, Greece & Poland




By supporting establishment of three school green fabrication labs & employment of new teaching methods, the project will create conditions for application of problem-based learning and practical testing of innovative ideas that will aim at creating green solutions to local communities’ problems.

The project supports STEM education, problem-based and competence-based learning by building teachers’ skills for new teaching methods, as well as building partnerships among schools, businesses, universities, and the wider community.

Main Project objective is creating conditions for advancing STEM education in the covered schools, through implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Design Thinking methodologies in solving existing environmental issues, building the capacities of the teaching staff to use these innovative approaches in their subjects, and establishing and Equipping of Green Fab Labs in the selected schools.

Specific project objectives:

SO1: Establishing and equipping of 3 schools’ fabrication labs (Green Fab Labs), one in each of the covered schools/countries.

SO2: Raising capacities of teachers to implement innovative methodologies and new technology in development of STEM skills in students.

SO3: Raise awareness on environmental issues and boost youth participation in solving community environmental problems

SO4: Incite cross-sectoral cooperation and participation of the business sector / start-ups in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindset among youth.

Besides project management and implementation, following specific activities will be delivered:

  1. Design & deliver training activities for teachers to build their capacities for improved STEM education.
  2. Creating 3 School Green Fab Labs in 3 countries and developing a Manual for using Fab Labs.
  3. Developing and testing real green students’ projects (with support of teachers and real-business mentors)
  4. Project’s communication and promotional (dissemination) activities.

Results & project outcomes:

– Established 3 school fab labs / Schools with raised capacities for STEM education

– Created manual for using school fab lab & its equipment

– Teachers with raised capacities for applying problem-based & design thinking teaching method

– Students with raised awareness on environmental issues & developed entrepreneurial mindset, as well as with hands-on

skills for identifying community problems and developing solutions.

– Boosted youth participation.