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Building Management Skills and Business Connections for Improved Service in Tourism and Hospitality Sector


Local and Regional Competitiveness Project (LRCP) funded by the European Union, managed by the World Bank


November 2019 – August 2020


42.085 EUR

Implementing Partners

Foundation CEED Macedonia – Sole implementer


North Macedonia




Project Summary:

This project was selected among 14 success stories, out of a total number of 59 projects financed within this program.

The purpose of this project was to help build and develop managerial skills of managers coming from tourism and hospitality businesses in North Macedonia.

The overall goal was to help improve the quality of the touristic offer in the country and increase the number of domestic and foreign visits (tourists) in the country. To achieve this, the project focused on:


  • Building managers’ capacities in tourism/hospitality businesses through strengthening their managerial skills for developing better offers, building better teams, improving the quality of services, attracting more visitors and strengthening their business and strategic plans.
  • Supporting businesses in improving their marketing plans, with a special focus on online/digital marketing and usage of social media for business promotion.
  • Facilitate business contacts and cooperation between different tourism and hospitality businesses in the country.

The applied capacity building methodology combined group trainings with individual approach through mentorship, thus focusing on companies’ specific needs and challenges.


  • 133 beneficiaries i.e. owners, managers and employees from Tourism and hospitality companies attended capacity building events / training
  • 63 mentoring sessions were delivered during the project (to owners and managers from tourism and hospitality businesses)
  • One online business to business (networking and business linkages) event was delivered in which 30 representatives of T&H sector took part.
  • Trainings were delivered in several relevant topics: digital marketing, online sales, leadership, team management, coaching and mentoring employees, access to finance and people / HR management topics – all for T&H businesses.

With an exception of some of the mentoring sessions, the whole project was delivered online (due to covid-19 pandemics).