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USAID Regional Economic Growth Project




June 2014 – June 2018


25.782 USD

Implementing Partners

Segura Consulting LLC, USA- Prime Contractor, Foundation CEED Macedonia – Subcontractor


North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Description of the project (incl. objectives, project components, beneficiaries, etc.):

The project’s core activities focus on improving competitiveness and increasing financial sector stability by promoting economic integration within the region and building economic linkages to the EU and other markets through technical and soft-skill trainings and B2B activities. The project is focused on building economic relations and incites business cooperation among the countries in the region.

Description of the delivered services by CEED:

Since 2014, CEED’s role is to implement three to four activities annually, mainly focused on women entrepreneurship and startups, but also on IT companies and food producers. Up until now, most of the activities were focused on supporting women entrepreneurs and promoting cooperation between women led businesses, facilitating their access to potential partners, clients and finances. Besides this, activities for supporting startups have been delivered, mostly focused on enabling their growth through facilitating their access to new markets, funders and investors.

Project results and impact achieved:

CEED has implemented 10 events under this project, which covered over 390 participants from different companies and relevant organizations and from the following countries: Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan).

Capacities have been built to over 200 women entrepreneurs, their knowledge and awareness on the A2F and partnership opportunities has been raised, and some forms of cooperation has been established through B2B events, one-day seminars and networking. Also, cooperation has been established between food producers from Western Balkans region with global market chains (Tesco and Spar).

Finally, over 30 startups from 12 countries covered by REG activities have the opportunity to get together and meet with startups’ support organizations (accelerators, hubs, co-working spaces), venture capitalists and companies in the two of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in Europe – Berlin and London, thus familiarize better with the existing opportunities for startups’ growth.