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Social Enterprise (SE) – Bridge Between the Social Sector and Traditional Business (SE-Bridge)


European Union within IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Albania – North Macedonia


November 2017 – December 2019


291.577 EUR

Implementing Partners

Foundation CEED Macedonia (Lead partner), PUBLIC Skopje & Agritra Vision Center (partners)


North Macedonia & Albania




Project Summary:

The project devoted its efforts to strengthening social enterprises (SEs) and social entrepreneurship in three regions in North Macedonia and Albania (Pelagonija, South-west and Diber) through supporting formation of new SE start-ups, building their capacities as well the capacities of the existing SEs, enabling business cooperation with the traditional business sector (TBS) as well as facilitating SEs’ access to new markets and finance opportunities.

Objectives included:

  • Raising awareness and building knowledge on social entrepreneurship among cross-border populations, relevant stakeholders and among the traditional business sector (TBS), in both countries;
  • Building capacities of individuals for starting and conducting SEs through training, mentorship, coaching, facilitating opportunities for cross-border (CB) and cross-sectoral cooperation and access to finance (A2F) opportunities;
  • Strengthening the existing SEs in the CB region through facilitating contacts and partnerships with the TBS companies – enabling SEs’ growth and increased turnover;
  • Supporting employment/self-employment of vulnerable groups (single parents, long-term unemployed, people with disabilities) and promoting their work integration in the CB region;
  • Enhancing business cooperation (especially in the cross-border region) and enabling access to new markets.

Impact achieved:

  • Increased numbers of SEs in the region (6 social enterprises received grants for their formation)
  • Increased number of partnerships among SEs and TBS companies
  • Adopted more favorable legislation regarding SEs (3 policy documents developed and submitted)
  • TBS companies and SEs positive perception of the quality of structures and mechanisms in place for dialogue and cooperation