Work from a home or a co-working space

The space where you work has a huge influence over your success when you start a business. That’s why it is of utmost importance to select a working space that will allow you to accomplish optimal productivity and efficiency. The Co-working space and the Home Office are the most common choice with the small businesses. When you decide in which space you will develop your business have in mind the advantages and burdens that these two working areas have.

The Home Office is a way to save money, because you don’t have to pay rent for space, you are not wasting time to get to work and you have zero costs for transport. To use a Co-Working space you pay a certain fee, but if you want to be in an environment with professionals the work in such premises is a good option.

The peace and quiet is advantages that the work in a domestic environment offers. Depended of your vocation the Home Office can be good for your business if you need a quiet atmosphere. One of the advantages of a co-working space is the possibility of networking. In these spaces there are often events and mentoring sessions which can be a great opportunity to learn, to get an idea, to meet investors.

In the Co-working space there are people from different professions and experiences which can give you reverse information and help you improve your business idea or product. The working in this environment drives motivation and inspiration.

The defocusing of attention influences the productivity. Depended of the atmosphere which reigns in your home, the home office can be productive as long as no one drags your attention. But when there are other people around you the productivity goes down and you get defocused. On the other hand there is an working environment in the Co working space and you are surrounded with people that have come to finish the work.


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