Cook Hub: First co-working kithen in Croatia

Cook Hub is the first so called co-working kitchen in Croatia, which offers a complete
solution for start-ups connected with food preparation writes Netocratia.

The mutual kitchen space was opened by Josipa Brachanov, an economics Master from
Croatia. She wants to produce food and beverages, so Cook Hub has a goal to speed up the
development of her business and at the same time to help many other young people to use
the space.

“You have many obstacles like a professional kitchen, specific hygiene and sanitation
conditions, strong laws and bureaucracy. All of this is long lasting, complicated and
expensive for a beginner. That’s why a large part of them quit or decide to sell their
products only to colleagues and friends. That’s why Cook Hub is the one that offers
complete solutions for startups connected to food. It’s all about a professional kitchen
which has the minimum technical conditions, necessary devices, vessels, protection gear,
care for hygiene and offers support with advertising, distribution and networking, says

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