Get your spot at the new workplace of CEED Hub Skopje

CEED Hub Skopje as a friendly and professional environment supports individuals, startups and small business with space, consultancy, networking and linkages with professionals.

Our Hub is equipped with offices, training room, meeting room, Skype room, kitchen and open co-working space that is well designed and suits any customer needs.  Free Internet and parking, office-related utilities (water, electricity, heating, cleaning, and security) are provided and included in the co-working packages.

Being part of our community you can get access to information and other business services, educational and networking events, access to sources of financing and higher visibility and promotion through our social media.

If you are a startup, freelancer, designer, foreigner or you have any flexible job, you can choose one of the co-working places or a private office and enjoy in the comfortable workplace.



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