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The ENRICH in the USA program (https://near-us.eu), which is funded by Horizon 2020, offers services to connect European research, technology, and business organizations.  The mission of the Network is to provide standardized and tailor-made, research & innovation internationalization support services to European researchers and innovators who wish to access to the US market and maximize chances of success.

There are several calls currently open for a range of services under the ENRICH in the USA program.  While detailed information about each of these opportunities can be found at https://near-us.eu/opportunities. Here is a brief description of each below:


Opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs and small businesses:


1.Corporate & Investor Matchmaking Event

Applications are due on March 26th

ENRICH in the USA will invite up to 10 European entrepreneurs, researchers, or university/private lab Technology Transfer officials will be selected to present their products, services or intellectual property to Fortune 1000 corporate technology scouts and investors in multiple back to back sessions.  Participants will have the chance to pitch about their companies’ offerings or institutions’ technologies while receiving real-time feedback from these potential customers/investors.  All participants must have technology/products in the energy & environment, healthcare or defense & homeland security market sectors.

The matching event will take place on April 25th in conjunction with the International Conference on Business Innovation in Dallas, TX.

Prior to the matchmaking event on April 25, participants will be invited to three days of additional networking and learning about partnership opportunities with other renowned US-based organizations, especially from Texas. These intensive three days of programming and other US partnership introductions will assist in preparing the selected individuals for the matchmaking event.

EU research & innovation (R&I) actors who are highly interested in introducing/exposing their research and innovation to US investors/funders for feedback, potential opportunistic partnerships, and as a long-term vehicle for commercializing their works/products are encouraged to apply.

More detailed program and eligibility information can be found at: https://near-us.eu/call-applications-corporate-investor-matchmaking-event

2. East Coast Innovation Tour (IT) Greater Boston & Greater New York

Applications are due on March 30th 

ENRICH in the USA is organizing its first East Coast Innovation Tour as a vehicle for commercializing promising EU research and technologies. Join us to discover the Greater Boston and Greater New York in June 10th – 15th, 2018.

The tour will introduce 10 selected participants to accelerators, renowned US university research gems, and successful US and EU scale-ups and unicorns located in Greater Boston and in Greater New York. Participants will receive guidance on visa/immigration/IP/pitch support and will be introduced to potential partners including corporations and potential investors.

ENRICH in the USA is looking for individual research actors from EU Member States or Associated Countries (EU MS/AC) who are highly interested in exploring the US market as middle to long-term vehicle for commercializing promising EU research.

Both individual innovators and multipliers that represent many innovators/entrepreneurs are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Full eligibility criteria and more details about the opportunity can be found at: https://near-us.eu/call-applications-east-coast-innovation-tour-it-greater-boston-greater-new-york

3. Research Connection Symposium (RCS)

Applications are due on March 30th

ENRICH in the USA is organizing the ENRICH in the USA Research Connection Symposium (RCS) taking place August 8th, 2018. The RCS is open to EU Member States and Associated Countries researchers, research managers and administrators, research universities, and national academies of science looking for a US counterpart to collaborate on their research.

This service gives you the opportunity to:

  • Meet potential partners;
  • Understand & better leverage ENRICH in the USA support.
  • Explore opportunities of funding in the US;

The Symposium will be the first ENRICH in the USA Research Connection Symposium, held in tandem with NCURA’s Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. (August 5-8, 2018). This symposium will connect EU researchers and research administrators to their U.S. counterparts, enabling collaboration and potential joint research endeavors. This symposium will provide a platform for EU researchers to present their work and define their research needs to potential US partners, while their research managers and administrators will be able to provide insights on the next steps for working together and if there will be viable funding and channels for collaboration. This event will feature 2-minute pitch sessions, networking opportunity with US funding agencies, and research match-making.

Additional details and criteria can be found at: https://near-us.eu/call-applications-research-connection-symposium-rcs

4.Customized Entrepreneurial Bootcamps in US

Applications are due on June 29th.

This program is a unique, immersive experience for small businesses from the European Union (and affiliate countries) to foster US market opportunities. Selected participants will start the two-week, US-based program in Boston, Massachusetts in October 2018, immediately engaging in mentorship from renowned serial entrepreneurs who have already achieved success in similar fields; working on their business, as well as product/service development models; and receiving vital legal advice.

From there, participants will then travel to an entrepreneur-supporting hub elsewhere in the US, providing resources and customer connections from the participant’s industry sector of interest.  These “Soft Landing” hubs are located throughout the US and are experienced in providing support and services for international companies looking to do business in the US.

Finally, ENRICH Bootcamp attendees will return back to Boston where they will network with strategic industrial partners from Fortune 1000 corporations and internationally recognized investors from throughout the US, all already primed on information about the participating businesses. Graduates of the Bootcamp will also be eligible for additional exclusive mentoring and customer/investor connections.

Ten spots are available for companies who are commercializing new technologies or are emerging from academic/research institutions (Research Commercialization), while another ten spots are available for more mature companies (Business2Business) seeking expanded business opportunities. For eligibility criteria, further details on what is included in the Bootcamp, or to help entrepreneurs apply, please visit:

For the Research Commercialization Bootcamp – https://near-us.eu/call-applications-research-commercialization-rc-bootcamp

For the Business 2 Business Bootcamp – https://near-us.eu/call-applications-business-2-business-b2b-bootcamp




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