Celebrating Innovation: Recap of the Final Pitch event from our Investment Readiness Program

We’re thrilled to share the resounding success of the Final Pitch event from our Investment Readiness Program, where seven remarkable startups took the stage to present their visionary plans before a distinguished audience of business angels and potential investors.

Meet the Trailblazers:

BADIALA – Unlocking Discounts, innovatively:

We dived into the world of savings with BADIALA, the innovative discount app that redefines the way you shop. It’s a new era experience of discounts tailored to the user’s preferences and lifestyle.

QINADO – Sip to Wellness with their CHIA DIA Juices:

QINADO introduces CHIA DIA, a line of healthy juices with chia seeds that nourish the body and tantalize the taste buds. Every refreshing sip is a step closer to a better and healthier lifestyle.

DIA – Empowering Lives with a Diabetes Intelligent Assistant App:

DIA stands at the forefront of health tech, presenting an app that serves as a reliable assistant for those navigating diabetes. Empowerment and support are just a tap away.

LONG POSITIVE – Fuelling Health with Superfoods:

LONG POSITIVE brings a range of healthy superfoods, empowering the clients to make positive choices for their well-being. Their products take nutrition to the next level with their meticulously selected natural ingredients.

SCOOP ARTISAN GELATO – Indulge in Artisanal Delights:

Indulgence takes a new form with SCOOP ARTISAN GELATO. Treat yourself to the artistry of delightful gelatos, each scoop crafted to perfection for an unforgettable experience.

MIR-JOS – Unveiling Sustainable Elegance in Hat Designs:

MIR-JOS takes pride in being North Macedonia’s first hat brand, offering unique and sustainable designs that redefine elegance. Each hat is a premium quality statement piece that tells a story.

YOVA – Raffia Bags Redefined:

YOVA steps into the limelight with super fashionable and eco-friendly raffia bags. Each piece is handmade and unique, made of the finest quality raffia. They elevate your style and not only make a statement but also contribute to a sustainable future.

This Program is a place where innovation meets passion, and dreams are transformed into plans. Each startup presented not just a product or service but a glimpse into a future where their ideas shape industries and lifestyles.

Our Investment Readiness Program’s Final Pitch event was more than an event; it was a celebration of innovation, diversity, and the boundless potential within our startup community.

This program is organized with the support of the USAID Youth Actively Create Opportunities Activity, implemented by Improving Economies for Stronger Communities (IESC), in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development CEED Hub Skopje and Youth Educational Forum (YEF). The author’s views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of the USAID or the United States Government.