Call for Star Venture Programme

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has begun investing in a number of young venture capital funds in the regions and mobilising know-how through their new Star Venture Programme.

The aim of the Star Venture Programme is to identify high potential start-ups and to mobilise globally sourced expertise to help these nascent firms to scale up rapidly. There are offering technical expertise, mentorships, local advice and strategic business development programmes.

The programme will be delivered on a competitive basis and enterprises selected will join a select cohort of dynamic venture teams in an intensive and tailored 18-month experience-based support programme. The programme includes access to mentorship, technical advisory, as well as advice on financing mechanisms, access to extended international networks of customers and channel partners, entrepreneurs, high level business executives, and international market soft landings.

You are eligible to apply if you have:

  • An innovative technology-based solution or innovative business model;
  • A large addressable market opportunity;
  • A defensible, competitive advantage;
  • An ambitious, innovation-oriented, motivated and committed management team; and
  • The ability and desire to create value for shareholders.

Detailed information about the programme and eligibility you can find here

Application deadline is 01 December 2019.  Application form can be found here.

Please send your application form to [email protected] with [email protected] in CC and the email title “Western Balkans: Star Venture Application – Your company name” by 01 December 2019.


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