SE Fund

The CEED Investment Fund will operate in Macedonia. The main objective is fostering of social entrepreneurship in the country by supporting existing social start-ups, as well as individuals and NGO’s with developed ideas for social enterprises.

The Fund will address different challenges with the focus on development of women entrepreneurship and social inclusion of Roma population and people with disabilities. Also, one of the main priorities would be connecting social enterprises with traditional businesses as one of the important pre-conditions for accelerating business growth and supporting social enterprises in the country.

The Fund will support social businesses in the start-up phase and NGO’s that are in the process of establishing or have already established Social Enterprise. Support will be by making investments in selected start-ups as equity and combination of loans and grants.

The investees that will receive funding from business angels as well will be provided with additional support from the angels by strategic advice, sharing contacts and business networks.

The post-investment support will be also offered to the investees. This support will be provided by CEED staff and external consultants. The consultants would be experts in different fields with extensive experience in marketing, sales, finance etc.

The Fund will support social enterprises that will be focused on positive social change including improving employment, education and life outcomes of vulnerable groups. The Fund will be established with aim of creating broad social impact and generating minimal financial returns.

The goal of the fund will be to establish strong sustainability among SE and therefore, successful enterprises will be considered the ones that will achieve profitability in 2-3 years after the investment ends.


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