Ceed Hub Club

Get connected! Stay informed and included! Participate and learn. Everything you need to do to become a part of the startup community is to get your Hubbing Card – a card that include you in all the activities of the CEED Hub Skopje.

With this Card you can:

  • Use co-working and administrative services
  • Have discounts in numerous restaurants, cafes, gyms, stores etc.
  • Have access to information and other business services
  • Have access to educational and networking events (app 30 per year)
  • Get access to sources of finance
  • Find a team or partner
  • Have higher visibility and promotion
  • Have discount of 10% for the CEED Hub Skopje programs and services

What does it mean and how it is performed please find in the detailed description below:

If you don’t have a regular need of using a co-working place, but still want to be part of a co-working community, there is a solution. you can get a CEED Hub Membership to meet your specific need and get access to additional services. CEED Hub Skopje Hubbing Card is created to help all those interested in excellence, future, smart ideas, those who are willing to learn or just want to hang around with good people. Being part of CEED Hub Club you’ll get the chance to connect with key professionals and businessman, share experience, get access to educational events, sources of financing and promotional and other business services. You will get 10% discounts for our Acceleration and Pre-acceleration program, as well as 10% discount for other services.

But, we didn’t forget neither your small need of co-working so, you will get access to our co- working place whenever there is an available place. Also, CEED Hubbing card provides you with discounts in numerous cafés, stores, fitness centers, restaurants, companies-members of CEED Business Club in order to optimize your school/work/home budget

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