CEED Hub has positioned itself as a provider of comprehensive set of services designed to supportand benefit various target groups: startups, entrepreneurs, companies,  youth, women, and others. The services provided by CEED Hub are tailored to different stages of development of the clients, their capacity, specific needs and goals, social impact, financial matters, team compositions etc.
Business consulting
CEED Hub offers consultancy services that are tailor made to the needs of our client. We have a team of consultants that can tackle every aspect of the company’s operations.
Start-ups support
CEED Hub provides entrepreneurship programs for startups. Startups support comes in various forms, but most of these services are incorporated in entrepreneurship programs such are Investment Readiness Program, Acceleration Program and Pre-Acceleration Program, designed for different development stages of the startups.
Mentorship is provided by CEED Hub’s inhouse or external professionals and can be used at any development stage. Our mentors come from the CEED Hub’s team, members of the CEED Club, members of the CEED Business Angels Club, or international and local networks and partners.
Networking T 1 his service is well tested in CEED Macedonia, and widely offered in cooperation with other CEED centers around the world. Numerous partnerships have been established as a result, both within our country, and internationally. CEED Hub clients can expect to benefit by being exposed to various types of ecosystem players included in CEED Hub’s network.
Access to Finances
Access to finance services are offered to the startups through the CEED Business Angels Club and through connecting startups with VC funds, donor funded projects and other financial institutions that can provide capital for them. CEED Hub supports startups readiness for investment and facilitates opportunities for startups to pitch their innovative projects in front of business angels. Investments in startups are optimized to achieve maximum development in less time (smart investment).
Capacity building
Strong and knowledgeable teams are the basis of every successful startup, and in this regards CEED Hub uses soft skills’ development approach combined with technical approach. In this way, CEED Hub helps startups build capacities of people leading companies’ development.
Investment readiness
In order to be able to receive and manage an investment, CEED Hub offers to startups support for increasing their investment readiness. This service is provided both in individual or group manner. The goal is to support the startup to utilize the possibility for investment and maximize the effect.
CEED Hub has a working space of 250m2 available to startups in an open-space setting or in private offices. The space provides all necessary amenities for the startups to focus on their work. This service includes the following: a desk/office, internet, maintenance, security, insurance, refreshments (water/coffee/tea), printing, meeting room, accountancy, legal and business advisory.

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