CEED Hub has a diverse community of relevant actors, clients, entrepreneurs, and experts that act together to provide support and further growth of startups. Some of them are beneficiaries, some are supporters, but at the end – all actors in CEED Hub’s community are benefiting from this interaction.

Innovative and scalable early-stage companies eager to concur new markets and develop new products.
Including those that seek to develop their businesses, individuals that want to become entrepreneurs (start a business), experienced entrepreneurs that act as mentors or business angels, etc.
Experts / consultants / mentors
Professionals and experts in specific fields that act as consultants, trainers and mentors to CEEED Hub’s clients.
Secondary school and university students, youth-focused organizations, young people with business ideas who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
Social enterprises
Social entrepreneurship, teams and organizations that want to establish a social enterprise or seek investments.
Women in business (entrepreneurs and managers), unemployed women, unskilled active-age women, and women who what to become self-employed i.e. start their own business are a big part of CEED Hub’s community. Our community also involves women as experts, investors, and mentors.
Business angels
Experienced, and successful entrepreneurs who want to invest in viable business and support it with know-how and mentorship.
CEED Hub also provides a co-working space and an opportunity for networking to freelancers.

Besides these groups, CEED Hub has many cooperating partners that provide support to our activities in various ways thus helping us achieve our mission and real impact. These partners include:

– Entrepreneurs
– Companies
– Donors
– CSOs
– Business support organizations
– Venture capital funds
– Financial institution
– Local and national authorities
– International networks in which CEED is a member (EBAN & CEED Global )