CEED Hub Skopje acts as a central root of a fast-moving community and actively boosts and inspire idea generation, creation, innovation and cooperation for startups and business in favor of promoting their rapid growth and accelerate the progress through education, creative solutions & valuable resources.

Founded in 2015 by Foundation CEED Macedonia, CEED Hub Skopje is a business
accelerator located in Skopje and acts as a support hub for the fast-moving startups’

CEED Hub fosters ideas generation, the creation of new businesses, innovation, and
cooperation among entities in the ecosystem, with the purpose to support the
development of new businesses, create new entrepreneurs, and develop
the entrepreneurial mindset among the youth, as well as to positively affect the
development of the overall country’s economy.

CEED Hub’s mission is to motivate and educate young founders, startup enthusiasts
and people with ideas and to connect them with the right people and professionals
needed for their growth. We do this through providing direct tailored support, but also
through organizing group events and workshops that encourage networking,
mentorship and ideas sharing.

CEED Hub Skopje stimulates businesses, growth and acceleration through
education, mentorship, consulting and access to resources, finances, and contacts.
It provides a collaborative community for startups and entrepreneurs that will inspire
them, encourage them, and provide the necessary environment for them to focus
and make the progress they want to make.

CEED Hub puts a great deal of effort on promoting social entrepreneurship in the
country as a model for economic empowerment and inclusion of vulnerable groups,
as well as for providing self-sustainability of non-profit organizations. It supports
existing social enterprises and stimulates formation of new ones. Moreover, working
with the vulnerable groups in business, CEED Hub puts a special attention to
supporting women in their efforts to start and develop companies, but also to
strengthen their employability skills and work integration, i.e. their economic

Meet Our Team

Elena Hadzi Pecova

Ceed Hub Manager

Branka Nikolovska

CEED Hub Coordinator

Elena Magdeska

Finance Manager

Ana Trpovska

Program Manager